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Day Trading Crypto

Day Trading Crypto For Income

So you’re probably wondering what is crypto or also known as crypto currency, or how to even trade or invest in it right?

Over the last several months, I have been transitioning over to crypto currency trading and out of the stock market for several reasons. One being, the major increase in gains that are happening every single day that I was missing out on.

Since the switch, I have grown over the last year, around 134%

Now with any investment, there is risk. This is not the holy grail. But for me, it is!

I had been trading and investing in stocks and options since 2012 or so. I learned everything there way to know about the market, and still continue to learn.

The way I learned the best, was just doing it. Putting my money in, SMALL amounts, and trading, and investing with it. I had done the paper trading and it’s nothing like real time trading with actual money. Emotions set in versus when it’s just simply paper or simulated trading. 

Our investors club through Discord and Patreon, has grown tremendously over the last couple of months, and so has our Facebook Group

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    Hey I get it! You're a self learner, and I love that! I am too!

    If that's the path you want to take, at-least take it with me! 

    I grew up in a small town, about 35,000 people, and not really on the wealthy side. 

    I am now in my late 30's and it took me what seemed like forever to finally GET IT!

    I realized what I needed to do, and here I am helping others!

    Pick up a book, or two of mine, subscribe to me on YouTube, join my investors group on Facebook, or even take one of my courses, it's of course totally up to you! But I know you'll learn one thing, that you did not already know with me 🙂

    Good luck in this new adventure, and I look forward to seeing you succeed! 

    PUT Selling Book

    Here’s my go to for beginners, for put selling for income. 

    Create an income without owning stock by selling put options
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    Chris Jackson - Investing With Chris Dark Logo

    Investing With Chris Jackson will help stock market beginners and advanced investors maximize their profitability.

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