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Credit Spreads

So What Are Credit Spreads?

You’ve just threw all of this information at me, and now you want to teach me what are Credit Spreads and credit spread strategy options!

Have no FEAR, Chris Jackson is here! 

While Credit Spreads are a bit complex, more so than your average buy a call or sell a put strategy that I’ve explained, they are another income generating tool to know and understand!

The simple definition of a credit spread is an options strategy where a high premium option is sold and a low premium option is bought on the same underlying stock, or security.

This provides a credit to the investor or trader’s account making the two trades.

While there is a ton of education needed to fully understand stock options, and for sure these things we investors call credit spreads, I am going to tell you this can be taught to you or you can research, research, research this on your own. They are not easy, and there are various credit and debit spread strategies you can use to make money.

Like the, bull PUT spread, bear CALL spread, and Vertical, and more!

Credit Spreads do however have defined risk, and limited profitability. 

I'll Make It Easy On You:
Learn how to set up credit and debit spreads
Understand the various options strategies
Know how options parity works and how to option arbitrage at times
Know how to create vertical, horizontal and diagonal spreads
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    I grew up in a small town, about 35,000 people, and not really on the wealthy side. 

    I am now in my late 30's and it took me what seemed like forever to finally GET IT!

    I realized what I needed to do, and here I am helping others!

    Pick up a book, or two of mine, subscribe to me on YouTube, join my investors group on Facebook, or even take one of my courses, it's of course totally up to you! But I know you'll learn one thing, that you did not already know with me 🙂

    Good luck in this new adventure, and I look forward to seeing you succeed! 

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