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The Fastest-Growing Job In Each State, Mapped

The Fastest-Growing Job In Each State Mapped with Investing With Chris


Looking for a green job? You might consider becoming a solar panel installer, which is the fastest-growing job in eight states, according to a new map by Yahoo! Finance based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and projections from the Projections Managing Partnership. Or you could look for work as a wind turbine service technician, the fastest-growing job in four states.


When you look beyond jobs in renewable energy, this map contains some surprises. Animal trainer is the fastest-growing job in Oregon, and the gambling industry is the fastest-growing industry in New York. And demand for prosthodontists — dentists who specialize in dental prostheses — is soaring in Indiana. (We admit we had to Google “prosthodontist” in order to write that sentence.)

It’s worth noting that the fastest-growing job in a state is not the same thing as the most plentiful or highest-paying job in a state. A job can double in demand over a year but still only account for a tiny percentage of all jobs in a given area. Yes, looking at growth rate can provide a hint as to where the labor market is going and what kinds of jobs might be more plentiful in the future — but be sure to do your research before you move to Georgia to get in on the exploding, uh, costume attendant industry.

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